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The first of its kind in the UK, Postnatal Digital Kit was created by a midwife and a mum to support parents through those early days, weeks and months with their newborn. 

The Kit contains more than nine hours of comprehensive video workshops and audio guides including practical tools and instructional advice and tips from a group of 20 Midwives and postnatal support experts with decades worth of experience between them.This kit contains everything that you may need in those first six months of parenthood.

The kit includes:
 34 Videoso, 42 Audioso, 4 support documents.

Each chapter covers a different topic to support you once your little one has arrived. These chapter include:
- What you need to know in those early days, weeks and months at home
- About your baby’s health and wellbeing

- How to feed your baby; breast, bottle, expressing and weaning (our breastfeeding expert taught Kate Winslet and Kate Beckinsale to feed)

-How to get your baby to sleep and safely

- Postnatal fitness and yoga

- Nutrition and wellbeing for mummy

-Maternal mental health

-Navigating relationship challenges ​

- Baby massage and baby yoga

- Preparing your dog to meet your newborn (our dog expert, Oli, is from Channel 4’s Puppy School)

- There are also four supporting pdf documents including a step by step guide.

When should I use the Kits?

We recommend watching/listening when you are pregnant as part of your antenatal learning and then going back to it afterwards as a refresher so you can try implementing the practical advice given with your little one. Their is absolutely no pressure as to how long it takes you to get through this support package, It is simply there to give you further support and you can refer to it or dip in and out of it as you want. Once the support kit is accessed it is active for nine months.


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