Will I be hypnotised?

No, being under hypnosis has many steriotypical speculations, however it doesn't mean that I click my fingers and you 'go under'. Instead hypnosis is about being in a natural state of deep relaxation. During the sessions I will read scriptures to you. You can close your eyes or keep them open ,there's no right or wrong way to do it, but whether you fall asleep or stay awake, listen to everything I say or ignore everything I say. Your subconscious will still be listening and therefore the 'hypnosis' will be working.

Does hypnobirthing guarantee a pain free birth?

I can not guarantee that attending the course alone will give you a pain free birth. However, if you put practice into the techniques and tools provided, it will decrease your chances of receiving unnecessary intervention during the birthing process. We aim in teaching  techniques that will help ease discomfort during the labour process.

Why does hypnobirthing work so well?

The wonderful thing about hypnobirthing is that it can work for anyone and any birth. Hypnobirthing works on the state of mind and therefore allows the body to work in harmony. Where the mind leads the body follows. Once in a relaxed state the hormones that support the birthing process can be released making the birth experience more enjoyable. Hypnobirthing also works on educating both Mum and birth partner so they understand how the body works during pregnancy and labour and what they can do to support the birthing process. 


When should I start practacing hypnobirthing?

The ideal time to participate in a hypnobirthing course is between 25 and 29 weeks of pregnancy. This is to ensure that you have enough time to practice all the techniques taught to you ready for labour. The course can be practiced earlier or later however, earlier participants must keep up the practice until the birthing process begins and later participants will have to practice more intensely.

Do I have to bring a birthing partner?

Yes, the course is most beneficial if your birthing partner is present as they play a huge part in hypnobirthing success. The course focuses not only on the mothers preparation, but also on the birthing partners preparation and importance. Hypnobirthing ensures that the birthing partner knows everything they will need to do so that the mother can be supported in the best ways possible. It is very important that you choose your birth partner carefully. It's usually best to have the farther of the baby involved to ensure that the initial bonding with the baby is successful. If this is not possible then whoever you choose must be willing to support you strongly. The chosen birth partner MUST attend all hypnobirthing classes. If you are unsure of who you want as a birthing partner or do not have one you can always bring a family member or friend to support you the sessions.

Is it worth hypnobirthing if I want a hospital birth and intervention?

Yes, although hypnobirthing promotes a natural, easy birth that does not mean to say that if you want a hospital birth and medical intervention that hypnobirthing isn't beneficial. Hypnobirthing will prep you with a vast amount of knowledge so you have a better understanding of what is happening during your pregnancy and labour. we cover all types of birth scenarios and if you feel that you would rather have intervention in a hospital setting because thats what you feel is right for you and your baby then I am here to support you. There is no judgement, just empowerment! The course will also provide you with techniques that you can use in your birthing process no matter what path it takes (medical or not) and you can also use these techniques to cope after birth into parenthood. Even for couples that want a natural, easy birth this isn't always possible due to changing factors however, hypnobirthing can help them come to terms with the birth that was best suited for their baby - after all, baby knows best.

Is it safe?

Absolutely! Nothing could ever be safer! It's all to do with training your mind through deep relaxation. It will not do you or you baby any harm, only good.

I find it hard to relax, will this work for me?

Yes, its all about positive statements reaching your subconscious mind.Although this is better done through deep relaxation it can find other ways to plant itself their. Even I you find it hard to relax in the class if you find time for yourself at home just listen to the mp3's/ cd's. The affirmations will soon imbed themselves, its all clever stuff! Hypnobirthing offers many different tools so if deep relaxation and affirmations don't work for you then maybe visualisations, sensory touch or something else during the course will.

What if I need medical intervention?

Hypnobirthing will educate you on all you need to know for childbirth. Unfortunately no matter how much you may practice there may be factors that come into play. The hypnobirthing course would have prepared you for this and therefore you will be able to approach any situation that arrises in a calm, controlled and confident way. In the event that any medical intervention may be needed you will have full confidence that you will be making the right decision for you and for your baby. Hypnobirthing is still extremely beneficial when it comes to a change of plan and the effect it has on you after birth. During the course we learn more about benefits and risks of medical intervention and when it would be necessary.

Do I have to practice every day?
Hypnobirthing is best received in labour if practiced consistently for the remainder of your pregnancy. If you feel that daily practice works for you then that is great, but if you only practice when you and your birth partner have 10 minuets then thats okay swell. the more practice you do the more beneficial the techniques will, be during the labour process.

Can I still hypnobirth if I haven't hypnobirthed in previous labours?
Hypnobirthing can be used after any subsequent birth no matter what birth it was. Hypnobirthing has proved to be very successful after having previous births such as caesarian births, birth that have involved medical intervention or even negative natural birth experiences.

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