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It is normally recommended to participate in the course between 20-30 weeks, however, it is never too early or too late to prepare for you birth.  
We have a wide range of  courses including group courses, private courses, online courses and face to face courses.

Find a course that works for you.

Here at Natura Birth we focus on making sure that are courses are completely inclusive. All of our courses are built around all births and all people.There is no judgement, only support.

Face to face Courses


Online Courses


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If you are still not too sure about hypnobirthing then come and join my taster!

Here at Natura Birth I hold a FREE taster sessions so you can meet me, hear little bit more about hypnobirthing and find out what else the course has to offer.


The session is one hour long and can be done online or in person at my studio where the courses are held. 

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"Hypnobirthing helped me have a full understanding of what was happening at every step and I'd have been in so much pain if I hadn't breathed my way through every single contraction. My husband helped and was so supportive too with the knowledge he obtained in class."

June 2020

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