Hello you beautiful people, I'm Naomi, a real life mumma to a gorgeous little soul hoping to reach out to give confidence to ladies ( and men) everywhere that bumps, babies and everything beyond is amazing.

My little boy made a precious entry into the world surrounded by calm, tranquil energies after a short, enjoyable, pain free birth. It was shortly after having Cody that I decided I wanted to do something fulfilling with my life and so I trained to be a KGHypnobirthing Antenatal Practitioner. 

The practice of KGHypnobirthing not only made my personal experience incredible, but it made me want to share this gift of magnificence and empowerment with other expecting Mumma's (and Pappa's) so they too can enjoy birthing in all its beauty.



My birth story started at 3:15am on Sunday 2nd December ( believe it or not it was my birthday). I was snuggled up in bed with my partner awaiting my birthday morning... little did I know I would be woken up by my waters breaking! I have never felt such panic and excitement all at the same time! 

Panicking about my labour was something that I was worried about as I knew how negatively panic and anxiety impacts the natural birthing process from my hypnobirthing class. After a few crazy minutes of ' OH MY GOODNESS WHAT DO WE DO?!?" my partner took the reins and told me to go and jump in the shower, as he knew this was one of my anchoring techniques. After I had shower we made a phone call to my parents and then to the birthing centre. I did absolutely no talking whatsoever to any of the midwifes as by this time I was already starting to get into 'THE ZONE'.  My surges (contractions) came quickly after my waters had broken, but as I was in early labour and my surges (contractions) were mild  I decided to do a little bit of housekeeping, triple checked my hospital bag and then settled myself onto my ball with my MP3 track playing. 


Once relaxed my surges started getting closer and closer and more powerful extremely quickly. It was at this point that my partner decided to call the birth centre again and this time the midwife said we could come in if we felt it was the right time. It was very hard for her to understand my progress as I wasn't communicating with her myself and she couldn't hear the 'normal' signs of labour progressing as I was deep in relaxation. 

I then had to move myself from our home to the car and make the journey to the hospital. This was something I was extremely worried about as I  had learnt that doing this transformation could slow down the labour and that was the last thing I wanted to do. To be completely honest, I don't even remember getting into the car as I kept my earphones in, eyes closed and proceeded with my relaxation. 

Once we arrived at the birth centre I was visually monitored by a midwife and still had no communication with anyone, my partner did all the question answering that was required. My mum then arrived as my second birth partner as just having her close meant the world to me. Before I knew it the surges (contractions) were getting stronger yet I had no 'pain' just intense pressure bearing down which I breathed through. I had two internal examinations which I was offered and accepted on my own terms as I wanted to know how dilated I was, but kept an open mind that dilation doesn't show how close you are to giving birth.


The surge (contraction) after my second examination (7cm dilated) brought on the urge to breath down (push) and before I knew it the birth pool was being run and I was supported whilst getting in. I still remember  the relief as the warmth of the water surrounded my body and lifted away my weight .This only put me deeper into my relaxation. 30 minuets later and 2 intense birthing breaths my beautiful baby boy made an entry to the world at 13:58pm. To be honest, I was completely surprised as I didn't realise I was so close to giving birth. I can honestly say that my birth was pain free, enjoyable and everything that I had hoped for.

We were given time to bond with Cody in the birth pool and nothing was rushed. We were able to do delayed cord clamping and enjoyed time in awe and wonder with a load of skin to skin contact before exiting the pool.


As I had a lot of blood loss after birth I was moved from the pool and onto the bed after about 20minutes. The midwives then took Cody to be weighed with my partner while I focused on the after birth. This didn't go the way I had planned as I was hoping to birth the placenta naturally, but unfortunately this wasn't possible for me. I put this down to no other reason except all the excitement brought me out of  'The Zone' therefore my third stage of labour slowed down considerably. I received the injection after 30 minutes (the maximum time recommended for trying to birth a placenta naturally) and then within 5 minutes my placenta detached. Although this wasn't  what I had intended (as I wanted no medical intervention throughout the whole birthing process), it was the only medication I received and it was necessary as the benefits outweighed the risks.  If I hadn't have done the hypnobirthing classes I wouldn't have known what options were available to me or how to deal with the afterbirth not going quite how I had planned.  I received no pain relief, but instead relied greatly on aromatherapy which was supported by the birthing centre.  

I was supported greatly in latching Cody for his first feed and once both sets of grandparents had had their first cuddles and I had showered, we where left to bond for a few hours in private. We where then discharged 11 hours after we arrived although I was only in labour for 7 and a half hours of that. What surprised me most about this whole process was that my birth plan had not been completed and therefore my partner was completely in charge with what was going on. My goodness he got every detail spot on and knew what I wanted/ what would be best for me and my baby as well as I did. Although for the entire birthing process I managed to stay deeply relaxed I wouldn't have been able to have maintained my state of mind if it wasn't for him. He was the greatest partner, protecter and supporter I could have ever asked for and thanks to hypnobirthing and a lot of preparation the whole process from start to finish was incredible. 

Before falling pregnant I must admit I hadn't given much thought to the reality of the birth. I knew I wanted to be a Mumma and I knew that I had to give birth, but the realisation set in for me when I was around 2 months pregnant. After sitting at home one evening alone (as my partner was at work) all that filled my headspace was worry and fear around the birthing process and my changing body. This led to many panic attacks throughout my first trimester and mental blocks that if I was feeling this way I wasn't good enough. After many chats with my mum and googling everything possible (as we all do) I found hypnobirthing!
At first I was sceptical, but I'm up for anything that sounds a bit hippie so I thought it would do no harm. I then told my partner who just looked at me as if I was talking crazy, but he was willing to support me as he knew how much I was struggling. After we had attended our first session we both left feeling relaxed, educated and above all, confident! Not bad for two sceptics ! Our expectations of birth had changed completely and I left feeling excited about giving birth( Something I never thought possible). From that moment on we practiced every night and both enjoyed the remainder of our pregnancy. 


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